I have always been fascinated with animals, especially dogs, as far back as I can remember.  I had hoped to become a veterinarian but because of a serious illness in high school, and other unexpected events that happened in my life around the same time my life took a different course.

While working in the insurance industry in Boston, Massachusetts, I rescued a severely abused Great Dane.  Once she was physically on the mend there were a lot of behavior problems that needed to be worked through including her destroying my apartment!  At this time I went to a school for dogs (K-9 Academy, which is no longer in existence).  I was so impressed with what she and I learned that I decided to go through the program  the school was offering to become a certified dog trainer.  Ever since then I was hooked and have continued to work with dogs ever since.

I have made it a point to take courses in dog training and behavior every year since as well as read many books in order to keep current on the latest theories and techniques of dog training and behavior modification.

The number one reason dogs are euthanized is because of behavior problems. Frequently when I am contacted by someone, they are at their wits end and are on the verge of re-homing or even euthanizing their dog. My greatest reward is when I work with the owner(s) and the dog and we are able to turn the situation around so that they are now in control and moving forward in a rewarding companion/ love relationship with their dog. 

That is why I do what I do and what feeds my passion!